‚ÄčValerie  J  Nordquist  MD   Psychiatry

Initial Assessment
Consultation with Dr. Nordquist starts with an extended meeting lasting approximately 90 minutes for initial evaluation. During this time she works to understand a person's concerns in the context of his or her own individual past experiences and current circumstances. She may also review previous records, speak with other health care providers or family members as appropriate, or order additional medical testing if needed. Often a treatment plan can be developed by the end of the session, although at times this initial evaluation or consultation may need to span several sessions.

Based on the initial assessment, Dr. Nordquist will make personalized recommendations specific to a person's unique situation and needs. Although Dr. Nordquist primarily provides psychotherapy and medication in her practice, she is familiar with and will consider numerous treatment modalities throughout consultation and treatment. These may include interventional devices such as TMS and ECT, as well as couple or group therapies, nutrition, mindfulness meditation training, additional medical evaluations, or a more intensive treatment setting. She will make referrals to and collaborate with such resources when indicated. 

Continuing Treatment

Ongoing treatment appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes whether for psychotherapy, medication, or combination treatment with both therapy and medications. Visit frequency may vary throughout treatment based upon a person's needs at that time.

Dr. Nordquist conducts a fee-for-service practice as is not affiliated with any insurance companies. Receipts can be obtained after payment that an individual might choose to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement through any out-of-network coverage they have available. Please use the consultation link and form to obtain her current rates.